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"Tyler’s knowledge of- and proficiency with- the instrument, combined with his many teaching strategies, make him a true technician. But his kindness, patience, understanding, and communication make him a master at what he does. He's also one of the funniest and most delightful people, able to transform any challenge into something fun and accessible."


-Justin Mendoza 

(Music Director)




Tyler Jones Voice Studio offers industry--leading singing voice training in NYC and online.


Tyler's diverse client base encompasses a wide range of various backgrounds and levels of industry experience. Students have included TV stars, seasoned Broadway performers, aspiring BFA applicants, amateurs, and even award-winning EGOTs. Drawing on his expertise as both a performer and a medical voice patient, Tyler combines his teaching insights with his personal experiences to assist each student toward finding success in their journey as a singing athlete.


Studio pedagogy combines artist---friendly philosophies with science---informed strategies designed to troubleshoot vocal roadblocks and help singers achieve balance and freedom in any stylistic genre. Sessions are spent unlocking individual tension patterns, enhancing kinesthetic awareness, and exploring the countless options with which we can use our instruments with ease and efficiency...after all, what good is a performance that brings down the house if it isn't reliable or repeatable?  

  Whether you are looking to sustain a Broadway performance throughout eight shows per week, rebalance your voice following an injury, or simply take your voice to the next level, Tyler will help you to assemble your singer's toolbox and reach your goals in a studio environment that is supportive, empowering, and also pretty damn fun!

Tyler is a proud associate teacher at Mike Ruckles Voice Studio

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