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Tyler Jones Voice Studio offers functional singing voice training to singers of all ages and musical genres, equipping them with a reliable singing technique that will serve them for a lifetime. 


Lessons are tailored to the individual goals of each client: Whether you're a future pop-star, a karaoke crooner, or even a Broadway pro, our awareness-based voice and body work will help you to attain mastery of your instrument, regardless of musical style. Focus is placed on helping singers unlock their own unique, authentic voice in the most efficient and industry- appropriate ways possible. Once technical foundations are familiarized, fear of complicated passages or "high" notes is eliminated, allowing focus to be placed exclusively on delivering a knock-out artistic performance.

TJVS offers strategies for success that can be put to use immediately; as a client, you will leave with a personalized game-plan to optimize advancement between sessions. The voice is intrinsic to the soul and sensibilities of each singer -- no two students are taught the same way, because no two students learn or sing the same way. Your voice is not one-size-fits-all, so take heed of any singing app or online program that tries to convince you otherwise! You only get one voice, and it requires individualized training from an instructor who will provide accurate diagnoses and "prescriptions" for its health and development. 


In addition to voice habilitation, Tyler has a personal passion for working with singers with injured voices. As professionals, singers are asked to perform at seemingly superhuman levels. Broadway musicals continue to write roles even higher and more emotionally-driven than their predecessors, still relying on the performer to sing the eighth show of the week with the same power and energy as the first. Like any professional sports athlete, the schedules and demands placed upon “vocal athletes" inherently increase their likelihood of strain and injury. Training at TJVS prioritizes the vocal health of each client, supplying them with a technique that will allow them to meet industry demands in the most medically optimal way. Although much of Tyler's instruction is rooted in voice therapy techniques, singing teachers can not (and must not!) replace medical consult from a Laryngologist or Speech Language Pathologist. However, in the event of an injury, Tyler can work alongside your voice care team to offer therapeutic singing strategies that aim to "de-catastrophize" the injury and get you back to doing what you love... typically even better than before! 


Tyler is fortunate to have worked alongside, and be mentored by, many leading figures in the worlds of voice pedagogy, research, therapy and medicine. His instruction draws upon strategies from a variety of voice/body systems, including Estill Voice Training, Speech Level Singing, "Bel Canto," Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais. Other pedagogical influences include Chapman, Lessac, Fitzmaurice, and the work of Master Teachers Joan Lader, Mike Ruckles and Aaron Hagan (voice technician and producer for Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez). Tyler is proud to be an associate teacher of Mike Ruckles at Mike Ruckles Voice Studio.

He is a member of the New York Singing Teachers Association, Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA.

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